Top Tips For A Stunning Tiled Floor

When it comes to tiling your floor, there’s so many different things that can be done to make it stunning. While gloss tiles are a fabulous choice, they may not be as suited to flooring as you may believe. But don’t worry there’s a lot of different tile choices available which is perfect for your individual needs. Here’s some tips to get you started.

  1. Mix tiles from different boxes and batches of the same type of tile. By mixing batches you have a chance of highlighting your floor beautifully by having different variations in the tile colours. Stone tiles are the best type of tile to choose when mixing boxes for the best look.
  2. The next thing to consider is knowing where to lay the tiles. This is important because the way you lay the tiles is how well they will look at the end. If you’re going to use larger tiles it’s a good idea to lay them first before gluing them down to reduce the risk of your tiles not matching well with the wall tiles.
  3. Use Spacers to help make your grout lines neat and even. Grout spacers are great for helping to improve the look of your floor. This means that when grouted there won’t be any lines that look odd or out of place.


When it comes to tiling your floor, there’s a few things you can do to make your tiling look beautiful. So are you going to make your floor beautiful?

What To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Do you have an upcoming wedding? Not sure where to begin when hiring a wedding venue? A wedding is important for the bride and groom to show off their love for one another. When it comes to choosing a wedding venue lewes there’s a few things you should ask your venue to make sure they’re the right one for your needs. Here’s some questions you can ask.

  1. Do you have a facility director that will be available on the wedding day?
  2. For a country club, do you have to become a member to marry there?
  3. Is there a shuttle provided between the ceremony and reception?
  4. What timeframe will I be able to run my wedding for?
  5. Is there a service charge in addition to the hiring of the venue?
  6. If I don’t fulfil the minimum beverage and food budget will there be any consequences?
  7. Is alcohol allowed on the premises or do you provide it?
  8. Can I decorate the wedding venue or do you have to do it? Is this an extra cost?
  9. Is there adequate parking for all my guests when they attend the wedding?
  10. Is there a backup plan if unexpected circumstances occur?
  11. Is there restrictions on the photographer?


When it comes to a wedding venue it’s important that you ask all the questions needed to ensure that you find the perfect venue for all your needs. So have you found the perfect wedding venue?